Year-round observation Field access for one fee


For a one time fee of (check price with Lyman Run park office) you will have access to the CSSP Observation Field for the rest of the year rather than paying the per night set-up fee. These passes are only available through the Lyman Run Office. Give them a call at (814) 435-5010 or email 

Galaxy Passes are for individuals, not groups or “car loads”. Please be aware that all in your party are required to pay either via a Galaxy Pass or the overnight fee if they are staying on the Observation Field.

Fees are managed and must be approved by PA DCNR.

Each pass is individually numbered and must be displayed in the window of your vehicle where Rangers and Park staff can easily see them. When you come in to the park, you will still be required to fill out a registration envelope, stating your location on the field, but where it has the line for the fee, just writing in “Galaxy Pass – then your number”. We also keep a record of who has what pass number in case you lose your pass somewhere. In case of pass loss, please contact the Lyman Run Park office.

Hey!  This is a good deal!