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Wireless Access

Procedures and Regulations

The new WiFi is up and running.  This service is now being provided by KCnet and is DSL broadband and is administered by the park (no longer run by the Dark Sky Fund), no longer satellite from Hughesnet, so we anticipate better service and the ability to allow 200 people to be online at a time.  You are still required to put in a username and password, which are available by contacting the Lyman Run park office (814) 435-5010, or asking one of the Rangers, or a Dark Sky Team member. This info changes periodically, so check before you try to login.  If there are any problems with the service please report it to park personnel.

BUT DID YOU KNOW...that if your smartphone or computer wifi is set to ON all the time, you are essentially never getting off of our system once you log on.  Please turn off your wifi access when you are not on line which will allows others to log in, check their email or weather, then get off.  This is ESPECIALLY important during star parties when we have 500 people on the field. Think about how you are using our technology, or wasting it...If everyone is courteous, then everyone will be able to use the system.

By logging into our system, you automatically agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE