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Star Parties ( CSSP and BFSP)

Information about CSSP and BFSP


A regular Park program will be provided in the NIght Sky Viewing Area during star parties. Members and volunteers from the star party host groups will be assisting park staff and volunteers.  Programs are cancelled if cloudy or raining.

Two fee-based star parties are held at Cherry Springs State Park each year. Please contact the sponsoring club to register to attended.  These event require pre-registration and are sponsored by the Astronomy Clubs below.  Up to 500 astronomers attend these events, along with a slate of excellent speakers and vendors.  By the way...each of these clubs also generously donates to the Dark Sky Fund which allows us to provide satellite wireless internet service to astronomers from April to October.  Please support these clubs by attending their events!   If these links do not connect you, please google their websites directly.

Note: .

CHERRY SPRINGS STAR PARTY: Sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg and in 2010 will be held May 30 - June 2..  For further information check their website at: http://www.astrohbrg.org

BLACK FOREST STAR PARTY: Sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Observers, State College, PA. will be held Sept. 27 - 29th.. Contact them at their website at http://www.cpoclub.org 

General stargazing on the Astronomy Field will  not be permitted during star party dates.  You must be registered as a star party participant to be on the field during those weekends.

  NO PETS PERMITTED.  Dress for cold weather and wear proper footware. Bring a SMALL  flashlight.  Did you know there are red flashlight apps available for your phone...just search for RED FLASHLIGHT...they are free and easy to use!


Also..please note that Stargazing is NOT available the first full weekend of August each year due to the annual Woodsmans Show sponsored by the Galeton Rotary Club.