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Public Stargazing Programs

Information on public programs available at Cherry Springs State Park

  PLEASE NOTE!-  You are now REQUIRED to pre-register for all scheduled public stargazing programs. This is to control the number of attendees and to ensure the best possible stargazing experience to the public. The best way to register is to go to the DCNR Calendar of events  at events.dcnr.pa.gov/cherry_springs_state_park

You can also call the Lyman Run state park office to make a reservation if you are not able to access on line . (814) 435-5010

Park in the PUBLIC PARKING LOT on the north side of Rt. 44. Do NOT park on the Astronomy Observation Field.  There is no fee for the public programs, there is a fee levied if you are on the Astronomy Field.


ALL PUBLIC PROGRAMS ARE WEATHER DEPENDENT. PLEASE CONTACT THE CHERRY SPRINGS INFORMATION LINE FOR PROGRAM CANCELLATION NOTICES (814) 435-1037. PLEASE CALL FOR THE LATEST PROGRAM UPDATES.   There are no programs during the Woodsmen's Show - Aug 3 - 5 of 2018.   Astronomy Field is closed at this time to stargazers.

Public Stargaze programs generally run from May until October.    This is a great way for your family to explore the night sky together.  Programs topics cover the planets, constellations, star formation, satellites , and the surface of the moon.   Some nights the observing is done "naked eye" where you will be taught to "star-hop" from one familiar star to another.  Binocular programs teach you to find features that are easy to find with the use of binoculars, one of the best ways to stargaze with affordable and easy to use equipment.  Program participants are always encouraged to bring along a pair of binoculars regardless of the program theme.  And lastly, looking at the night sky with telescopes.   Cherry Springs has many types of telescope that are used during public programs and thanks to our Dark Sky Team volunteers, you can look through these scopes as well.  


Those weekends when the moon is out, lunar programs will be offered and during the full moon weekends - programs on nocturnal wildlife will be offered (the moon is so bright that the stars are hardly visible).  If the weather is overcast, alternate programs will be offered ( a slide presentation or movie and these might be presented at the park pavilion, signs will direct you to the correct location).  In the event of severe weather or rain, the program will probably be canceled.  Please check with the Lyman Run State Park office (814)-435-5010 for cancellation information.  

                                                                                              There are benches for sitting at the public program area, but you are welcome to bring your own lawn chairs and blankets.   We advise that you dress warmly or bring warm clothes to change into as it gets cool and damp at CSSP even during the hot summer months.  Appropriate footware is also recommended (this means flip-flops are OUT).            See you under the stars!

Everyone involved with Cherry Springs loves dogs, but we do HIGHLY recommend that you leave Fido at home.  Large crowds make things perilous for your dog and equipment that is set up on the field is expensive and you are responsible for your pet at all time.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is your pet allowed on the Astronomy Observation Field while astronomers are set up there..please abide by this rule.   Oh yes....and don't forget a poop bag!