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Gas Drilling Light pollution

Gas Drilling Light pollution
Maxine Harrison - Wed Jun 16, 2010 @ 07:50AM
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For those of you who attended the Cherry Springs Star Party, you already know that the gas companies in the surrounding areas agreed to stop "flaring" at 9:00 pm and resume at 5:00 am the next morning on the nights that were clear. It was also nice to find out that the drill rig lights to the south of the park really didn't extend much past the existing tree line. We continue to have good relations with the companies surrounding CSSP and hope that all astronomers will respect that these sites are similar to construction sites and can be dangerous places to be walking around on. You are not permitted to trespass on these sites and might well jeopardize the good working relationship we now enjoy with these companies. Please respect this - and next time you get behind a line of their trucks...just remember what they are willing to do for Astronomers at CSSP! Our many thanks to them, and to you!


Comments: 116


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